Are you ready to thrive and enjoy your

new vibrant lifestyle?

      MY HEALTH RENO is for you if:

      • You have excess weight to lose

      • You want to look and feel fabulous in your wardrobe!

      • You want to come off of your medications

      • You want to live with less aches and pains

      • You are ready to feel vibrant again!

      Feeling strong enough to live life on your terms?


      We believe your health should never hold you back, it should LIFT YOU UP! 


      We are all about helping you create the boundless strength, energy and stamina to do what you want to do, everyday!


      A healthy lifestyle takes practice, and we have the specialist tools to help you learn how.

      This 6 week program includes:

        2 –  30 Minute Onsite Visits for Pre and Post assessment (Value $430)

        6 LIVE 60 min Group-based Coaching sessions,  and

        weekly Q & A  (Value $1,290)

        Health Tips and Accountability in our private Facebook Group (Value: $129)

        Lifestyle Reset Guide and Recipe Book (Value $65)

        Healing Bermuda Book by ORW team (Value $30)

        Supplement Kit (Value $208)



        Diving Deep into Detox – 5 module online course! 

        (Value $197)


        Vibrant Blue Oils – Blend to support the Parasympathetic  Nervous System (Value $72)


        Lifetime Access & Updates! (Value – PRICELESS)


        Private ORW ​Members Facebook Group  (Value – PRICELESS)


        Direct Access & Support! – Bermuda’s BEST 2020 HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE practice, a root-cause approach that works! 

        (Value – PRICELESS) 





        YOU PAY


        Need a payment plan? 


        Call the office, 295-5100 and you can make 3 easy payments of $715

        Want to sign up with a family member? Couples Price is only $1500 each!


        p.s. We have a money back guarantee!


        If you join, take action, and fully participate in this 6 week program, we will do whatever it takes to help you get the results you deserve.


        If you do not achieve the desired results, money back guarantee.

        What to expect?

        • Week 1 - Pre-assessment onsite, Review of Biomarkers/Supplements for weight loss

        • Week 2 - Our Toxic World & The Many Viruses

        • Week 3 - Our Beautiful Liver & Liver Support for Weight Loss

        • Week 4 - 3:6:9 Cleanse Part 1

        • Week 5 - 3:6:9 Cleanse Part 2 & Emotional Detoxing

        • Week 6 - Life After Cleanse & Post Assessments

        This is designed to give you the tools you need to support permanent and natural weight loss! 

        Here's what the people are saying...

        Jahmila Astwood

        Prior to starting this program I could feel my health and wellbeing deteriorating. This was troubling to me as a mother of 2 small children that deserve to have a mother functioning optimally. After completing the program, I have experienced numerous positive results  such as, a clearer mind, increased energy and noticeable weight loss. I would highly recommend the program for anyone that is looking for a jump start to a healthier life.

        Donna Christopher

        If you are serious about Living your Best Life at any age , then I would recommend Ocean Rock Wellness, the staff there are very personable, professional and genuinely interested in your overall health. They provide great programs with no gimmicks and they actually work and are easy to follow. I recently completed a program that gave me the results that I was looking for and I came away completely satisfied. If you are serious about changing your lifestyle and improving your health, I would recommend you give Ocean Rock Wellness a try and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

        I want to encourage anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way, with food and diet, to try this program. 

        Antoinette Simmons

        Age 58

        This taught me a lot about how to eat better and what things to avoid.

        Michelle Trott

        Age 74

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